3 Vital Factors that Can Help You How to Get FB Likes

One of the key drivers to a successful Facebook marketing campaign is the FB like. Likes trigger social engagement, and they can remarkably help build relationship with the other members. In fact, likes can attract more Facebook fans, in some cases. So if you want to gain traction from your social media campaign, then you should start learning how to get FB likes since this can significantly boost your campaign.

But before you start getting Facebook likes, it is important to know and understand some of the behavioral patterns of social media users with regards to likes and posts. There were several studies made to determine the social behaviors of Facebook users. The results can help you better position your posts to the right audiences, and optimize the results of your social activities. This will help you get more FB likes, as well.

how to get FB likes

3 Essential Facebook Marketing Parameters

First of all, you need to set the benchmarks that will serve as your guide when evaluating the performance. These parameters will also aid you in keeping your campaign on track towards your goals. While there are many parameters that you can use to gauge your performance, three parameters are vital to social marketing. They are briefly discussed as follows:


This measure helps you determine how far your campaign is able to reach out to as many users as it can. The wider the reach the better; it means you are quite successful in getting your product or brand right in front of many people.

One good thing about Facebook is that there many users there, and the number continuous to grow past one billion mark. This is a feat that no other social network has done yet. However, don’t be too overwhelmed by such number. Even if there are more than one billion members, about 700 million to 800 million users are active daily, and only a minute percentage will be reached by your campaign.

Nevertheless, one of the things that you should be concerned about with retrospect to reach is the time it takes for your post to reach the optimum number of people. According to the study, about 75% of the potential reach will be achieved after an hour and 50 minutes. So if your campaign has the potential to reach around 1000 Facebook users, then approximately 750 will be reached in about 2 hours.

Therefore, make sure to plan ahead of time when making a post. Determine the best time to send your posts in order to maximize your likes.


Another important parameter is engagement. This is far different from reach. While you can reach out to most of your potential customers within 2 hours, the engagement is still about to heat up. In fact, around 75% of the engagement will happen within 5 hours after sending your post. So sit back and remain seated in your computer chair to monitor the engagement of your post 5 hours after sending it.


Also important are the impressions. The rate is somewhat similar to reach; impressions will hit the climax after 2 hours and 30 minutes on the average. This can help you decide when to move on with the next post after hitting the maximum impression. You can also study the important factors that affect impressions in order to make your Facebook marketing more efficient and effective in your future social marketing activities.

While other parameters can help you how to get FB likes better, the above parameters are enough to set your campaign on the right track to success.


Successful Methods for Getting Retweets

successful methods of getting retweetsIf you want to boost your Twitter marketing campaign, then you need to study and learn the successful methods for getting retweets. While many marketers are focusing on tweets, a successful campaign is a combination of tweets and retweets. Take note that retweets are vital to any Twitter campaign since they can help you achieve better traction by triggering viral marketing.

The Truth About Twitter – Surprising Facts and Stats

After Facebook, Twitter is the next popular social network that is widely used worldwide for personal use and for business purposes. Many famous personalities, politicians, marketers, and celebrities, are on Twitter. So if you’re business is not in yet, then you are missing a big chunk of opportunities. Here are some facts and stats that may surprise and convince you to start launching Twitter marketing to boost your campaign.

There are now more than half a billion active Twitter users worldwide. Every day, about 58 million or more tweets are sent, and there are approximately 135,000 new members joining the bandwagon of social networking with Twitter.

With regards to branding, about 42% of the users learned about products and services through Twitter, and 19% of them are seeking customer support via the network. So if you want to build and enhance your brand image, then Twitter is a great platform to start with.

Well, these are just a just a few stats but they are enough to motivate anyone to start using Twitter for marketing. However, success is not yet guaranteed. You need to have successful methods for getting retweets and tweets in order to start getting the needed traction to keep your campaign moving. Here are some effective methods that you can do at the start.

Use Photos and Videos

While text tweets are good, you can capture the attention of many users if you insert photos and videos in your tweets. According to a study, tweets with images uploaded using pic.twitter.com are more likely to be retweeted than tweets without images by a ratio of 2:1. This means that tweets with images are twice retweeted. So take advantage of this trend to boost your campaign.

However, don’t use Instagram pictures and links in your tweets since Instagram links will reduce the chances of your tweets being retweeted by as much as 42%. On the other hand, the same study concludes that tweets with twitpic links will be more likely to be retweeted by as much as 64%.

The same is true to images from Facebook. Inserting a link to a Facebook photo will reduce the chances of being retweeted by about 47%. So stick to the built-in photo feature of Twitter in order to enjoy the added benefits of photos.

Retweet More Often

If you want your tweets to be retweeted, then you must also retweet the tweets of your fans. The more you retweet other people’s tweets, the more retweets you will get.

It’s hard to determine how many times you should retweet to get a single retweet of one of your tweets from your followers. Conduct a series of spit-tests to find out the ideal ratio. But on the average, many marketers are using a ratio of 15:1. It could be different in your case; however, you can use this ratio at the start.

Insert a Link

Links are among the best drivers of retweets. After all, a 140-character post is not enough to give users sufficient information. Take note that tweets are just catch phrases to tell people about something. They serve as introductory notes or just a long headline to bigger news that is posted elsewhere, which the readers can go to via links. This was proven by a separate study that showed that 52% of retweets have links embedded in the tweet.

There are still more successful methods for getting retweets. Don’t limit your strategies to the above techniques, but experiment and innovate to create your own unique strategies to get ahead of your competitors.

Awesome Fan Engagement Tips

fan engagement tips

Engagement is crucial to the success of social media marketing; without it, success can hardly be attained. While there are several factors that you need to attend to, social engagement should be a part of your marketing mix.

There are many ways of interacting with your fans and with the other social users. It is important to learn the different methods of communicating with them. Here are some fan engagement tips that can help you achieve enough traction from your social media marketing.

Effective Fan Engagement Tips

Share Photos

Images are the top triggers for engagement. Even in Facebook, images are on the top list that keeps fans and members completely engaged. This is also true to Twitter, and more particularly to Pinterest and Instagram. In fact, it is because of images that both Instagram and Pinterest quickly became popular; they are considered as the fastest growing social networks today.

While contents are good, it is best to mix them with photos to maximize the output of your campaign. However, not all photos are powerful enough in igniting vital marketing and engagement. So choose your photos wisely. Make sure that the images are captivating and enticing to your fans.

Make it a point that the photos were shared not just to keep your timeline fresh but also to ignite social signals such as likes, shares, and comments. This will further keep your fans engaged not only with the other fans but with the other members, as well.

Upload Videos

Just like images, videos are also among the top engagement triggers, especially if the videos are unique and awesome. People will more likely to insert some comments on videos that are valuable and helpful to them. So don’t just add videos for the sake of engagement, but you must also ensure that they are truly helpful and beneficial to the intended audiences.

Organize Events

Events are similarly powerful triggers. You can organize webinars that add value to your fans. These webinars can be free or paid, whatever works well in your case. But for a start, give it for free to attract as many participants as possible. Once you have already established a good reputation on giving high value webinars, then perhaps that’s the time to make them paid events.

But if your main purpose is to enhance engagement, then by all means give free webinars to your fans from time to time. This will not only keep them engaged but many of them will regularly visit your profile to check out your future and upcoming events.

Get Your Fans Involved

You can enhance your engagement with your fans if you get them involved. Remember, engagement is not a one-way communication channel but a two-way process. One of the best methods is to run contests that allow audience participation. Contests are effective not just in keeping your fans fully engaged but also in attracting more people to participate, and eventually more fans.

Regularly Add Fresh Contents

Content is king, as many would say. This is true in online marketing and in social media marketing. Many people are in the social networks in search for information, and by giving them just the information that they want, those who will find your posts truly valuable will drop some positive comments; if not, they will like your posts or share them to their friends.

There are more things that you can do to keep your social engagement raging high. Don’t limit your methods to the above fan engagement tips, but formulate your own unique ways of heating up engagement to boost your social media campaign.